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Permanent & Instant Pothole Repair with Instant Road Repair ® – Used worldwide for Tarmac, Concrete & Road Repair

Instant Road Repair ® is an affordable and reliable pothole repair solution for potholes and spalled concrete.

Potholes and spalled concrete are a hazard for our vehicles, a liability for property owners and a budget killer for local governments. These can be repaired instantly using the revolutionary Instant Road Repair ®.

Many cities and countries have seen first hand how Instant Road Repair ® is the solution for pothole repair and patching, saving them time and money.

Why skimp on pothole repair material that will end up costing you much more in the long run?

Instant Road Repair ® is a permanent, one time pothole repair product that will outperform all other products available.

Instant Road Repair ® doesn’t just give a temporary pothole patch, it gives a permanent and guaranteed pothole repair that will remain in the repaired area in exactly the same condition as when the initial repair was carried out. Instant Road Repair ® has been produced after years of research and consists of a special blend of carefully graded polymer adhesives.

What’s more – Instant Road Repair ® doesn’t need any special equipment or skilled personnel to apply the repair, and requires no mixing or heating. It really is the most simple and effective pothole repair product on the market!

Pothole Repair

Instant Road Repair

A unique formula blended Polymers and Graded Limestone gives instant and permanent repairs on asphalt or concrete pavement, regardless of the weather condition

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The only instant & permanent pothole repair product on market easy to use, non hazardous, effective between -40 & 168°F, no acids & more...

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